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Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults

Qualification Title: Awareness of protection and safeguarding in health and social care adults and children and young people, early years and childcare
Duration: 24 Guided learning hours
Prerequisite: None
Assessment: Written description

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the qualification, the learner will:
  • Understand protection and safeguarding in health and social care (adults and children and young people), early years and childcare.

They will be able to:
  • Define ‘protection of vulnerable adults’
  • Define ‘safeguarding children’
  • Explain the term ‘harm, abuse and neglect’ in the context of protecting vulnerable adults, and safeguarding children
  • Give examples of the indicators of harm, abuse and neglect.
  • Identify what actions should be taken if there are concerns about harm, abuse and neglect
  • Describe the boundaries of confidentiality and when to share information
  • Explain who is responsible for protecting vulnerable adults and safeguarding children.
  • Identify what organisations should do to protect vulnerable adults and safeguard Children
  • Identify sources of support and information in relation to protection and safeguarding.

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